Welcome To The AFL BBS Info Page

 The Hardware

A Macintosh IIfx with 8 megs of memory

105 MB Harddrive

205 MB Harddrive

240 MB Harddrive

Nakamich CD ROM Changer (7 Disk)

Apple 300 CD ROM courtesy of Kris Cruz

SupraFax 28.8 Fax V.34 modem

US Robotics Sportster 1.44 modem

2 Microcom Deskporte Fast 28.8 V.34 modems handling the Internet Gateway and Fax services

 Here is our Welcome Screen in screaming ANSI color.

 Access Numbers (2 lines)





Spokane and International Fido Net Message bases
Internet mail service
Courtesy FAX by email
File Transfer Areas
Full ANSI color
24 hour availability

The Software

Hermes II BBS software

BBS In A Box 20 with 4 CD ROMs online

Mac OS 7.5


MacIntosh IBM (a few files)
Apple II Amiga (a few files)
Apple //gs And the Internet

File Areas

We support many generic and special interest type files.
Here's a chart listing the transfer areas on the BBS.

Thanks for your interest in the BBS.

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