AFL BBS Transfer Areas

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Trasfer areas of our Hard Drives.

1:Text Files 2:Newsletter
3:Apple User Group Conn. 4:Apple II Games
5:Apple II Graphics 6:Apple II PrintShop
7:Apple II Util's 8:Apple II,IIgs Educadion
9:Apple II, Gs 10:Fonts A-L
11:Apple Works II,IIgs 12:Apple II, IIgs Music
13:Apple II, IIgs Sounds 14:Apple IIgs Games
15:Apple IIgs Util's 16:Apple IIgs Graphics
17:Apple IIgs PrintShop 18:HyperStudio IIgs
19:Demos 20:Mac Applications
21:Mac Games 22:Mac Graphics
23:Mac Educadion 24:Mac Fonts
25:Mac HyperCard 26:Mac Music
27:Mac Program Upgrades 28:Mac Sounds
29:Mac Util's 30:Amiga Mods (Music,Sounds)
31:Communications 32:Hermes Files
33:Ham 34:IBM
35:IBM Games 36:Internet
37:JPEG 38:Gifs
39:Gif's PG-13 40:Quicktime Moves
41:Requests 42:ICE

AMUG BBS In A Box #15 volume 1.

1:[CD] AppleLic 2:[CD] Bus
3:[CD] DA 4:[CD] Education
5:[CD] Font 6:[CD] Game
7:[CD] Internet 8:[CD] PPC
9:[CD] System7 10:[CD] Tele
11:[CD] Util

AMUG BBS In A Box #15 volume 2.

1:[CD] Art 2:[CD] Demo
3:[CD] Hyper 4:[CD] MacTN
5:[CD] MIDI 6:[CD] MM
7:[CD] Mugs 8:[CD] Music
9:[CD] News 10:[CD] Newton
11:[CD] Prog 12:[CD] Publish
13:[CD] QuickTime 14:[CD] Unstuff
15:[CD] Updates

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