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Club History

The Apple Franklin Laser Users Group of Spokane was originally formed in January 1985. Our original meetings were held at Park Junior High. We soon moved to better facilities a Argonne Junior High in the second floor computer room. On occasion, we would move our meetings to the old library to demo our BBS and other communication programs (the only room with a phone line). When Argonne Junior High was closed and relocated, we moved our meetings to Centennial Middle School in September of 1990.

In our community, we have been the support group for Apple's Computers from the Apple Plus to the Apple //e; the Apple //c to the IIgs. We also support the early clones, the Franklin Ace and Laser 128s. We began supporting the MAC in 1990 as a few of our officers and other members added to their systems. As the Apple // and the Mac both have always had IBM like abilities, we also find ourselves supporting MS DOS PCs and Microsoft Windows.

Through our existence, we have gifted the schools where we meet with things like memory upgrades for their Apple //gs and Mac computers, supplied mouse pads, put in PBX aware modem phone lines, and set up and maintained an internet SLIP connection. Our members have gathered and worked late into the night putting network cards into printers, setting up CPUs and doing whole lab software installations.

In Spokane we helped produce The Inland Empire Computer Enthusiast booklet (aka ICE Pamphlet) with information about all the Users Groups in our area. Those began in the Fall of 1989 and continued through Winter of 1994. We participated in and helped produce annual Computer Fairs at Northtown Shopping Mall from 1989 through 1994 and University Mall in the Spokane Valley from 1991 through 1994. We have also participated in other annual local events such as HAMFEST (HAM radio).

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To Contact Us

For more information about our users group, please email or our guiding mentor and we will gladly answer your questions.

If you don't have email or internet capabilities, you can contact us the old fashioned ways;

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We Operate a BBS

We operate a BBS is running Hermes II bulletin board software on a Mac IIfx with fidonet message areas, UUCP internet email, and 2 CD ROMS (BBS in a Box 15) plus lots of other files. We support the Apple II, //gs, Mac and PCs. Here's more information about our BBS.

You can also log on to our BBS at either of these numbers;

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Come to a Meeting

If you are in our neighborhood, come to one of our meetings. They're held on the first and third Tuesday of each month from 7 to 9pm at:

Centennial Middle School
N. 916 Ella Rd.
Spokane, Washington

If you need Apple 2 support at the meeting, call or email us first so we can help you. Our current plans are for Macitosh based topics, demos and presentations. Other platform and hardware or software support is always available. At the first Tuesday meeting we have 1/2 hour of open time and information followed by a demo and then 1:1 time to buddy up and get individual help. The third Tuesday meeting we try to have a hands on the keyboards 1 hour presentation. All skill levels are welcome and encouraged.


We change our format during the summer months. While the school is out on vacation so are we, having club barbecues and picnics (and still computing too). Whatever time of the year, come join the fun.

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Club Memebership

Joining our group is easy and has the following benefits:

We are a recognized and supported Apple Users Group. We recieve information and special offers monthly from the Apple Users Group Connection. This includes purchasing for club members from the User Group Store. We also have software updates and some system software versions available to club memebers. Membership gives you "Club Member" access on our BBS which includes unlimited time limits and internet mail privledges. Members can also get limited in home support for upgrades and problem solving. Add this together with the fun we have at meetings, picnics and other events, we are a super bargin.

Our annual dues are only $15.00 a year. If you would like to join, please make your checks payable to Tim Moore or Ronette Moore and bring them to a meeting or give them to one of our club members to pass on to Tim or Ronette.

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Tim's the Man

Tim's our newsletter editor, BBS sysop, Webmaster, club ambassador to AOL and resident expert and guru for all hardware and software questions. Here's the door to Tim's Home Page on the WEB.

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Apple // Support Info

If you need support for an Apple ][, ][e, //c, IIgs or one of the clone Franklins, or Laser 128s, contact Tim or Gordon and we can refer you to the right place including our BBS or one of our other members. We also have a list of companies that continue to offer repairs, new parts, and new and used software, some at really good prices.

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Tips of the Month

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AFL Users On the WEB

Follow the links below to these members interesting sites;

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